We look forward to the opportunity of affording you stable and reliable coverage for your Alpacas. Please, call for a quote for Full Mortality, Theft and Transit coverage. We also offer deductible plans. Insured value is initially based on the actual purchase price of an animal; however, the animal’s insured value can be reviewed for adjustment (increased/decreased) according to its achievements and/or breeding capacity and/or productivity.

The Full Mortality policy is an all risks policy which covers for death as a result of accident, illness, injury, disease or transit anywhere in the continental U.S. or Canada, and also includes loss or death as a result of theft.

Named Perils Coverage is available to alpacas/llamas of any age; this policy provides coverage for death as a result of specific named causes such as fire and lightning also includes transportation.

Underwriting Guidelines Insurance can be bound upon our receipt of a completed “Alpaca Mortality Insurance Application and Declaration of Health” by the animal’s owner for healthy animals that are to be insured for less than $20,000.
If the following should apply then it will be necessary to provide a current Veterinary Certificate of Examination for underwriters to review and approve. • Animal’s insured Value exceeds $20,000 • Animal has been ill or injured and/or has been treated by a veterinarian for an illness or injury in the past 12 months • Animal is less than 90 days old

New Business Insured values of $20,000.00 or less and more than 90 days old. Coverage can be bound with a completed and signed "Application & Declaration of Health" in lieu of a Veterinarian Certificate of Examination
Insured values of greater than $20,000.00 or less than 90 days old or any animal that has been treated for an illness or injury in the previous 12 months. Requires a completed "Application" and "Veterinarian Certificate of Examination."

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